About Paper Ketchup

"Paper Ketchup" started as a song, became a movie, and turned into a company. At the heart of all three lies the importance of connection and of relationship. See, "Paper Ketchup" began as a way to use letters (paper) to "catch up" with those around us - an archaic method now, perhaps, but one of the most lasting and meaningful traditions the human species has come up with.

So what does that mean for Paper Ketchup Productions, the company? That means a dedication to telling your story and allowing you to "catch up" with the community around you. It means we're motivated by our relationships to put our best into every project we take on. It's an assurance that every partnership and every video we produce is important to us. Whether you're getting married, own a small business, or just have a story to tell - We want to help spread the word, and in a paperless society, video is the next big way to "Ketchup".

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